The Power of Prayer

Studies have found the benefits of prayer include a sense of calmness, encouragement, support, reflection, a broader perspective, hope, comfort, knowing oneself, and possibilities.   Current research suggests that it has a positive effect on our immune system functioning as well.

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Blanket or Sword?

You make your way to the reception desk and a friendly innkeeper says, “Welcome Traveler. Do you require a blanket or a sword?”

It’s not the question you were expecting, and your face betrays your confusion. Fortunately, the innkeeper is extremely perceptive and broadens their question. “Which do you need most right now, Friend?  Do you need a blanket – the comfort of a soft chair, a hot meal, and a listening ear, so that you can vent your troubles, or do you require a sword – the solution to a problem?”

On the surface, it’s a simple question, and yet, these two choices – blanket or sword – embody the most important ways we communicate as caregivers.

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Cause and Effect

As we engage in various situations in our home and work lives, there may be situations that occur that bring a sense of heaviness. Though our days as adults may not be filled with such simple moments, I wonder if we might be able to map out time to have similar ones? Whether it is the list of things that need to be done or the emotions that are circling us, clearing a path is important for our own energy and that of those we encounter.

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New Beginnings

Mom (scaled)

We have expanded our resources for family caregivers and are in the process of creating additional programs to support a larger community of caregivers as well. More about that coming soon, but for now, I hope you join me in my excitement for our new website!  

We have amazing new team members and additional Care Partners for you to meet. As we continue to add to our community support our offerings will also continue to expand, bringing more services to help sustain all caregivers on their journeys.    

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