Cause and Effect

As a child, I remember being out at my Papaw’s farm (that’s grandfather in southern speak) and watching him tend to his chores while I sat and watched the time go by. Birds chirping, fresh breeze blowing, and singing to my heart’s content, “Bye-bye birdies, why do you fly away…?”

Cause and Effect

It was a simple time with simple words and thoughts. No cares per se; Papaw took good care of me, and my heart was full from his love and the day, as was as my belly from the creek-cooled watermelon he would slice open for us as a treat.

As we engage in various situations in our home and work lives, there may be situations that occur that bring a sense of heaviness. Though our days as adults may not be filled with such simple moments, I wonder if we might be able to map out time to have similar ones? Whether it is the list of things that need to be done or the emotions that are circling us, clearing a path is important for our own energy and that of those we encounter.

Our relationships play a big part in how we move through our days, too. How we engage in those, is an intricate part of both the energy we put out receive. By allowing the people you encounter to be responsible for their own actions and decisions, you empower them to make their own choices rather than stepping in with the idea that you may know best.

This gives way for them to feel important, even needed, and is a key factor in many of our relationships. Especially for those around you who may be ill or aging, the power they have in their own lives may be dwindling. Planning together can give them a bit of a boost.

If it’s food/meal planning and you continue to hear “It doesn’t matter to me…”, then sit down one night with a cookbook (I am a print version kinda woman but feel free to do this with your laptop or iPad) and pull a few items up. Ask them what they think of particular dishes and at some point, my guess is you’ll hear…”Oh my gosh, no!” Or perhaps, “Ohh, that sounds good!”.

How we present things, enabling the other person to be part of the decision-making process and planning, can give them a bit of encouragement. We can do the same with other things such as gardening or movies. Soliciting ideas and engaging them in the process can significantly boost their ego and overall mood. Change your thinking about how to frame discussions and the outcome. Reframe your mindset and words. Things just might turn out differently given a bit of room. You’ll get back from that, too.

Be true to yourself as you walk through this life of ours. Everything we do, all that we encounter, creates a ripple effect. Even in the middle of our worst days, there are moments of bliss. And if there are not, create them. Stop in the middle of your flurry to pause and feel the wind on your face and take a deep breath. Feel the energy, shift.



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