Lessons Learned from the River


There is more than one right way. Sometimes we get stuck following a method or practice for doing something because “we’ve always done it that way.” But sometimes trying a new way of doing something helps give us a new perspective and better results. In my case, I knew one way of turning my boat, which was to paddle only on the side opposite of the direction I wanted to go. What my teacher showed me, was that I could also turn the boat by pushing the paddle forward on the same side I wanted to go.

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Turning Rocky Roads into Smooth Pathways


Think of driving down a road with potholes at 65 mph. You need to get to your destination! But your car is shaking, you’re shaking, suddenly your ability to keep going has gone. We talked about this in our Online Care Circle recently: how easy it is to get caught up in the gotta go mode, and how poor the results can be. 

We have choices. Would you like to show up more effectively? More balanced? Make clear decisions? I encourage you from my place of muddling through to take the opportunity to slow down. You hear the cry of others, pause,  and hear your own cries echoing back. Resist the statement – “I don’t have time.” – and do something that brings balance back into your life.

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