The Art of Planning

Communication is vital when it comes to any relationship, even when it comes to yourself. Our self-talk can be what motivates us or tears us down, so listening becomes key. 

It is not uncommon for family caregivers to go through a myriad of questions on why or why not something happened. Emotions can interfere with a plan of action, so it is essential not to let them consume you. Before you act or react, take a step back and assess the situation. Take a look at what is happening, listen to your feelings attached to it, and make a list if need be of action items that may help resolve it. 

For instance; you’re sitting in the doctor’s office with your loved one, and afterward, you remember an essential point that you forgot to bring up, again. Easy enough to hamster wheel out into “Why I can’t I remember these things? It’s so apparent, yet I continue to forget!” 

First and foremost, do not beat yourself up. We are all human. Especially under circumstances that are out of your control more often than not, you cannot and will not do it all ‘perfectly.’ Make a check-list of things as they arise, regardless of how redundant they may seem at the time, keep that record going and check it off as you resolve it. 


Our friends and partners at the Law Offices of Janis Carney are well versed in the art of planning. A wealth of information is available through the expertise that they offer, and their recent blog is a testament to that. How to Communicate with Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s gives excellent, practical advice on communicating with a loved one. 

The free EBooks that Janis Carney offers on living with Alzheimer’s are available through our website and are a wealth of information as well. Offering excellent advice, sharing years of knowledge blended with a sincere heart, we are grateful and honored to have Janis’ entire team as part of our family. 

I hope that you know that you are not alone on your journey. You weren’t given formal training as you entered this role of caregiving, so be kind to yourself. Plan. Process. Let go. You ARE doing the best that you can. 



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