Bay Area Cancer Connections

Bay Area Cancer Connections supports anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. Backed by some of the most prestigious and trusted medical organizations in the Bay Area, they are able to serve those who need their services most.

Hosting the Breathing Spaces walks allows Bay Area Cancer Connections the ability to connect with caregivers one on one for emotional support regardless of their caregiving situation.

Caregiver Walks

Hosted by Bay Area Cancer Connections


Hear Cyndi describe a Bay Area Cancer Connection walk available to all family caregivers.

Law Offices of Janis A. Carney

At The Law Offices of Janis A. Carney, our mission is to help our clients and their loved ones achieve a higher quality of life as they age. We know that the law can be difficult to navigate on your own, and helping a loved one with complex issues such as estate planning, Alzheimer’s & long-term care planning, and the use of public benefits can be even more daunting. We pride ourselves on a holistic approach to the legal world that provides not only a legal plan with legal documents, but also a care plan that supports health needs as we age.

Receive Your Choice of Free Ebooks Complements of Janis Carney on living with Alzheimer’s.

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Clean Eating with Katie

Katie is enthusiastic about helping people maintain health and vitality through whole-foods based nutrition, lifestyle behaviors, and reducing toxins. 

Katie received her certificate of Nutrition Consultant through California state-certified Bauman College Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts. She is also a Certified 21-Day Sugar Detox Coach and leads regular monthly detox groups. As a private Nutrition Consultant, she is focuses on empowering folks to practice self-care through meal planning and meal prepping. 

Are you interested in becoming a Partner with

Breathing Spaces?


When a family is faced with making a decision about next steps for their loved ones, it is not just the patient who needs help. As a healthcare/support company, offering this program makes a statement to your potential clients and their families about who you are and what distinguishes you from others. It not only says that you recognize the benefit of going beyond the patient, it says “we can care for your loved one ~ and can help you, too.”  Additionally, your outreach potential increases substantially through a web of other services and facilities connected in one place. 

Corporations are also able to support their workforce that has an increasing population of family caregivers in need of work/life balance. Workers across all generations are facing the issue of caring for loved ones, the new 'normal' in today's society. 

Join us in becoming part of the solution in supporting family caregivers.

                                             A variety of programs and options are available.                                        

For more information, contact Cyndi.


Phone: (408) 315-2227