Perfection is a Myth

In the midst of trying to be ‘perfect’, to not do or say anything wrong, it’s pretty amazing how the emotions of a situation can fire up inside of you like a steam engine when something goes awry. One small move and BOOM!

My days as a family caregiver were filled with wanting to do things right and not knowing all the answers or being prepared for what would come up. Human error happens, emotions are fragile, and the complexity of how they are woven together is a mystery to unfold. Giving space to the relationship between yourself and your loved one is paramount as well as being non-judgmental for actions and reactions. You really never know where those are coming from and fear is quite often in the forefront. 

The desire to remain unwavering remains strong, to be sure to do it all right. What I know for sure is that I can’t, I never will and neither will you. Speak your truth in a way that it does not harm others, and when you make a mistake acknowledge it. If you can hold yourself in a position of being ok when you’re wrong, letting go of the pedestal of perfection for both you and your loved one, you may well find a gentle peace. 

Approaching the New Year, there is an opening for hope ahead. An opportunity to let go of our past and step into the new forgiving those moments that we didn’t do ‘perfectly.’ I hope that you open your heart to new beginnings. That you know, there are people out there to help you and you are never alone. Open yourself to possibilities and be kind and gentle to yourself every day. 

“The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” ~Marcus Aurelius

Happy New Beginnings Year. 


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