Making Time

I had the opportunity last week to have a stress test. I say opportunity because having preventative tests can save your life and as a family caregiver, the amount of stress that you encounter can be overwhelming at times. I think perhaps the biggest danger is the pressure that is not felt yet works it’s way behind the scenes. 

I recently had the opportunity to visit Sedona, Arizona and go to one of the vortexes at Boynton Canyon. Vortexes contain a significant amount of energy, and some people can feel it. It can be a very calming energy or one that brings up emotions/tears. As I sat at the base of the area, I felt a quiet whisper as the wind blew by my face. Thinking about the upcoming stress test gentle tears appeared and in the quiet of the moment, I realized the amount of behind the scenes stress that was happening in my life. 

Though I am no longer a family caregiver, the days of being one for my Mom continue to tug at my heart and the holidays can magnify those moments. “What if, I wish, if only……” That is part of the reason that I founded Breathing Spaces. Because I understand what is happening ‘behind the scenes’ in your life and I know the toll it can take. Our mission is to continue to bring you ideas, resources, products and Affiliate Organizations that we trust to deliver you services that you need. As we continue to grow so will those support systems so that you will always know you are never alone. 

The good news is that the stress test came back with no signs of heart issues. It was a powerful reminder for me to continue to be kind to my body, and nourish my soul especially during those times of sorrow missing both my parents. Exercise, eat well and take time to do something (I know you’re busy, but you can do this) that is fun to fill your spirit. You have to in order to better care for your loved one. When is the last time you made time for your health check-up or did something to be kind to YOU? 

Here’s a thought for you. One of the Breathing Spaces Affiliates is Daring Spirits, and they offer wonderful meditation programs. Whether it is a gift to someone in your life or yourself, I am a firm believer that their programs can help support you. I found them when I was caring for my Mom, and it was like putting on a life vest. You can find out more here: Daring Spirits.

Be kind, be gentle… well.


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