A Time for New Beginnings

Art - Calla Lily

Spring brings such happiness to my heart. As I look outside, after all the unusual rain, I see the roses flourishing from the extra water and the pruning I did in late fall. The freesia bulbs I had forgotten about are popping with purple color and the new bare root rose I thought wasn’t going to make it is pushing foliage out like a surprise package.

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Spring Into Something New!


As a professional in the caregiving world or as a family caregiver, you have many things that need your attention throughout the day and none of us has forever here on this plane. So, I’m going to ask you to consider whether those messages or Facebook headlines can wait. Not forever, but long enough to talk with your son or your spouse or listen to something positive – even music! Stop scrolling and start being alive.

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Time to Play

Your life as a caregiver and your loved ones are under a microscope of caution and concern, with high emotions. So striking a balance, finding a way to some sense of calm is even more critical now than ever.

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