Hindsight is the distance we need in order to have full visual acuity. In hindsight we also see a situation in a larger context and from a different angle. Hindsight is re-visioning.

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Finding Perspective in a Pause

Perspective - Coyote

In the rush of our daily lives with work and loved ones in need of our attention, the flow of our days can be smooth and tranquil or jacked up by something unexpected or negative that occurs. Then perhaps you find yourself reacting negatively later in the day. It would be grand, wouldn’t it, to have continuous easy flow with no interruptions?

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Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life

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Murphy’s Law warns us: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.” That is a mindset that many people carry with them; is that you, too? It’s easy enough to do when you’ve hit your limit of things on your to-do list or experienced a series of negative events. But here’s a different perspective I would like you to consider: When things appear to be going wrong, what if they’re going right?

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