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The Good-Enough Caregiver

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As you embark on this caregiving journey, one thing stands out: the roles you play as a caregiver. Just as you have different roles in your everyday life, caregiving introduces you to new ‘parts’ of your identity. With the addition of caregiving responsibilities, you learn to adapt, sometimes changing your roles or expanding the ones you already hold.

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The Inside Job of Caregiving

The Inside Job of Caregiving

  My journey through deep loss was also a transformation back into my heart. This deeply personal odyssey began with my husband’s spinal cord stroke that shook the very foundation of our lives. A long caregiving chapter had begun—a period marked by chaos and obstacles that tested my resilience and demanded introspection and understanding of

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Navigating Our Triggers & Reactions

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Understanding our reactions—those immediate responses to situations or events—is pivotal in fortifying our emotional resilience. Without grounded inner strength and courage, we are vulnerable to succumbing to impulsive reactions we might later regret. These reactions, ranging from tirades to feelings of anger, frustration, or impatience, often signal unresolved issues like childhood wounds or past traumas

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Navigating Emotional Dis-ease
Self-Reflection and Vulnerability

Navigating Emotional Dis-ease Self-Reflection and Vulnerability

In the pursuit of health, our focus is often on physical disease, leaving the invisible yet profound impact of emotional dis-ease unaddressed. This term, born from the prefix ‘dis’ attached to ‘ease,’ represents the myriad of internal struggles that plague many, such as dissatisfaction, disconnection, disharmony, and distrust. These afflictions drain our vitality and obscure

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