Illuminators and Diminishers

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I am currently reading David Brooks’s book, How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen.
What particularly captured my attention in his book is that he says that most people are either Diminishers or Illuminators. Diminishers make others feel small and unseen. Illuminators make others feel bigger, deeper, respected, and lit up.

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Time Standing Still & The Importance of Being Present

This event felt like the universe was speaking to me, reminding me about the importance of being in the present moment. As we rush about through our days, in too much of a hurry to say “I love you” on the way out the door, too caught up in our busy-ness to hold a door open for a stranger or return the smile of a small child – when we spend more time looking at our phones than at the world around us – we diminish our connection to the present. We lose our ability to be present.

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Why We Garden

Not only are we out in the fresh air, moving our bodies, drinking in precious sunshine, and getting to that state of being pleasantly tired, but recent studies suggest that the bacteria in the soil acts as a natural anti-depressant.

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Cultivating Hope

Wake up in the morning with a fresh start and give thanks for the day ahead. Take a few minutes and read or listen to something that enlivens you (this does not include the news!). Take it easy on yourself and take time to watch those beautiful flowers and listen to the birds chirping.

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