A Sense of Awe for Renewing Life Balance

Having been through several bumps in the road of life myself, I’ve become keenly aware of the importance of finding and renewing life balance. Running on your last emotional thread is a stick of dynamite waiting to explode. Staying open to the wonders of life, especially during those times, is a mindset that serves you well.

ART - Renewing Life Balance

This morning I took my coffee, sat outside amid rare clouds for this time of year, and watched the continual changes; the sun peeking through, birds frolicking about, and a gentle cool breeze flowing around me. My mornings typically start with meditations, workouts/walking, and jumping into work after breakfast. Today, I took the opportunity to pause and remain in this wonder of nature.

This small but significant shift in my routine was the most delightful way to begin my day, and that feeling stayed with me. It stayed with me as I continued to bring it back to my focus. The power of the pause, the importance of honoring yourself amid whatever else may be going on in your life, is worth so much. Granted, we cannot always take the time as I did this morning, but at some point in our days, finding that time is important, and keeping that energy with you – vital.

When faced with difficulties in life (and we all experience them), finding peaceful adjustments to our routines can reset our energy. There is a balance between reaching out to others for support, finding an activity that brings you joy, and understanding what may be happening underneath the surface. Barreling through day after day is one way to get through life’s challenges, but likely a way that they will continue to come back and create unbalance.

Life is a series of up-and-down moments. Change is inevitable. Finding ways such as meditation, mindfulness, and focusing on what is going right vs. what is going wrong can help you stay grounded in the present moment.

Whatever activity you can find to help reset your energy — do it. Being open to the wonders of life doesn’t mean ignoring or minimizing your struggles. It’s about finding a balance between acknowledging the challenges and seeking out moments of peace / beauty/ things that fill your inner self alongside them. This mindset helps you to continue building resilience and renewing life balance even during the most challenging times.




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