Are You Willing to Raise Your Hand

In the United States, more than nine million people – about one in five –  fall into the category of ‘caregiver,’ yet many neglect to raise their hands and acknowledge that they are. As roles change in our lives, whether temporarily helping a loved one or going in for the long haul, the guidebooks are unclear and far too long.

How often have you run that extra ‘mile’ and realized you went too far? Or perhaps worse, didn’t realize it until it showed up as your medical condition?

Raise Your Hand

At Breathing Spaces, we passionately believe in the power of energy techniques. Whether they practice some form of mindfulness, yoga, or meditation, our team of professionals is accredited in various techniques. They are not only incredible human beings but also experts at the practices they teach. We also believe in parallel that the simplest things in your life can often bring an immediate shift in your energy and overall health.

Taking a morning walk with a cool breeze and the sound of birds chirping can set your energy base for the day. Coming home from a long day and taking time to be in the garden brings you back to a simple state of mind in mother nature. Canceling your attendance at a seminar and taking a drive to the beach – shifts your energy. Setting the alarm for YOU time, whether taking a long soaking bath or watching a movie you want to see, are simple yet effective tools to reset your energy.

Why is this so important? I’d ask why so many people DON’T do these things? Because you must get so much done; who has time? Make time. Find it; carve it out and do it. Most of you reading this are caregivers, whether professionally or at home, and I would be willing to guess that many of you put yourself on the bottom of the ‘care’ pole.

Healer, heal thyself. You become a martyr if you preach all day to someone to do the things they need to for self-care and skip doing so for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a week-long trip to the Caribbean (though I must say that sounds lovely!); it can be, should be, finding daily pleasure right before you. If all you can carve time out is a trip to the grocery store, then play that music and sing to your heart’s desire. Yes, something that simple can and will make a shift.

You are amazing, don’t ya know? I honor all of you in your roles and hope that you will find a glimmer of something in here to spark a shift.



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