Ripple Effects of Change: A New Care Partner and New Volunteers

Here we go again! We announced our new team members on the first of November, and we’re still on the move!

I am honored to announce our new Care Partner, EXCEPTIONAL FAMILIES OF THE MILITARY.  We have had the honor of getting to know the people behind the scenes and recording a podcast with them. What this organization can do for military families melts my heart. Incredible people doing incredible work.

pink and orange rose - ripples of change

Our online Care Circles have evolved through time, and I am delighted to say they will continue in 2022! Professionals join me in these hour-long groups that continue to be a tremendous support to caregivers as they navigate uncharted journeys. This email from one of our participants is heartwarming: “I want to thank you for your devotion to helping caregivers. Of the several groups I have participated in, I have found yours to be the most valuable. Thank you.” 

It is an honor to welcome Christine Young back to lead the Care Circles in the new year, and welcome a new member to our family, Anthony Metten! Both of them have tremendous backgrounds and lend immense support and understanding to our caregivers. I am truly grateful to both of these fantastic humans for volunteering their time! You can learn more about them on our team page.

In addition, our friends at Curves of Los Altos are expanding their offerings! Owner and coach Mimi Li, a caregiver herself, has already cooperated with us to form local walks for caregivers to connect (our last two of the year are December 11th and 16th (learn more and register HERE) and will be launching online movement workshops for caregivers in 2022.

Led by Tracey Durrett, a family caregiver who has been with us since the beginning, Curves will offer Stretching & Stress Reduction and Tai Chi online (watch our newsletter and social media feeds for more information). These half-hour sessions are open to all caregivers nationwide. As Coach Mimi Says, “As family caregivers, regular exercise and time for yourself give you the strength to care for your loved ones. We hope you will take time for yourself and join us for a short break and breather.”

We are continuing to create a ripple effect of change! When asked why I started Breathing Spaces, my response has always been, “I don’t want others to have to go through this alone. I know the ups and the downs, the fears, and the heartaches very well. Knowing that you have emotional support is critical. All of us understand because we’ve been there.”

I have so much to be thankful for as we continue our journey and expand our support. Thank you to every person affiliated with us and to each caregiver giving so much of yourself. Truly, amazing. 



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