Make Lists to Help Find Clarity

You’re in the middle of email exchanges between your work and personal life, thinking about what you’ll make for dinner tonight, the phone rings, a blink of thought about needing to run to the bank goes through your mind, and then… blank.

Find ClarityCreating a to-do list, no matter how mundane that may sound, can be a lifesaver. From mapping out your goals for the year to a weekly shopping list, it may seem like yet another task in itself. In truth, it is. But it can also give you a good night’s sleep because you don’t have a thousand little things vying for attention when you’re trying to relax.

These lists can be anything from doing laundry to composing a financial plan for yourself and will elevate the mind chatter and help alleviate missing things. I know some people who create a list with hours/times added to it. Personally, that’s a bit restrictive because there are times during my day that I know I need to get a shopping list together and balance my financial record, but my energy level may be drained that day. So, for me, having a general to-do list within a week highlighting deadlines is a more effective solution.

I also make a “mind dump” list from time to time. Whatever comes up, whether it’s reaching out to a friend you haven’t heard from in a while to trying on a dress you plan on wearing to a wedding later in the year, you take out all of those little things percolating in your mind and weighing you down and get them out on paper. Doing so helps you organize your thoughts and provides clarity as well.

Perhaps one of the most critical items to add to your list – creative/inner spirit outlets. From art to exercise or getting out in nature…something that sparks your inner spirit. Make a list of the things that bring you joy so that you can incorporate those into your life, too. We know very well that life gets busy, and by overlooking that vital part of our lives (our heart space), we aren’t doing anyone justice.

What does a good to-do list look like? Here’s a general plan for creating useful lists:

  • Create a master to-do list of everything that you need to do
  • Break that list down into personal and business
  • Separate those lists into a weekly list of “must get done” items
  • Add a list of things to handle over the next month/months

Most importantly, when you’re making these lists, don’t beat yourself up if you forget something. Lists are meant to guide you, not restrict your life, and if you need to add, change, or re-prioritize, that’s okay.



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