Empowering Yourself in the New Year

Things show up in our lives for a reason, and there is something about the phrase ‘Empowering Yourself’ that keeps catching my eye and making me pause. 


In a year filled with so much angst and loss of life, we must keep our eyes set on possibilities and new beginnings. We have the power to make it a better day, and when it all becomes overwhelming to take a necessary pause.

Can you change your thinking and change your life? Absolutely. But it’s not a magic wand you wave, and overnight a new life appears. However, it is a powerful tool that mind of yours, and if you can set your intention every day to choose to reset when you feel the need.

Perfect example; I’ve been run down the past few days. Nothing major but a list of to-do’s and meetings and emotions flying about, I realized I was wrung out. When I started my day making my list, I thought I’d add in the post office and my bi-weekly grocery run along with the cleaning. It all needs to be done, don’t ya know. 

Then I paused. I asked myself just how much longer I would be able to keep up the pace and at what cost? In a moment of self-reflection, I made the wise decision to peel back. I couldn’t take it off my plate that day, but I could surely ‘pause’ some of it. 

I encourage you to ask yourself these questions the next time you go into power mode:

  • What do I need to accomplish today?

  • What is a MUST-DO, and what can I let go of?

  • Is there a way to be more efficient by planning out my week (as best that you can)?  

Contrary to what you may think, always running won’t necessarily get it all done, but it will create more stress and burnout. 

There will always be more things to do, so empower yourself by permitting yourself to know that you’ve done your best and that tomorrow is another day. You’ll be more refreshed, less stressed, and more productive. 



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