How Helping Others Can Also Help You

Our virtual retreats have been a melting pot of joys, sorrows, grief and angst. All part of a caregivers life. Being able to be heard is a powerful support tool and this has been a place where everyone can speak their truth without judgement, and gain perspectives from other caregivers in a way you may not otherwise be able to hear. 


We spoke in one of the groups about the importance of composing and keeping a list of everything that is happening for your loved one. Whether it was “Dad wasn’t eating today…” after an entry about a medication change a few weeks back. Perhaps a friend or family member came by and made a comment that he seemed a bit more disengaged, looked a bit sad. Something perhaps you’ve not seen being around him every day. 

We know that small things add up and in the midst of day-to-day happenings, things are bound to be overlooked. Documenting the more you can will relieve stress, doubts and oversight of something brewing.

This time spent with caregivers like yourself continues to bring new perspective to what we do in our role of supporting you on your journey. Breathing Spaces has been and will continue to be a heart space for you to know that you are not alone on your journey. Whether you are a current or former caregiver, regardless of whether you love with your loved one or contribute to their care from afar, YOU are what matters to us. That’s why we listen. 

Towards the end of our hour at the retreat, one of the women replied to a caregivers distress over her Mom not being able to navigate through the house well, about how purchasing an Echo Dot made a difference. Her Mom’s vision has declined and she shared how being able to listen to music a books has made a significant difference for her. Which gave insight to a new possibility of hope for her Mom, too. 

That gave way to us listening to others about their needs, what has worked for them, which gave way to a new Technology page to be able to share ideas from others that we heard from that day that have helped them. This page still includes one of our favorites, Claris Companion. A tablet made to help you and your loved ones stay connected while bringing joy to their hearts. So needed, especial now. 

Our product pages are made available to you not with the intention to fill our pockets, but instead to limit the amount of searching to find solutions. I spent far to much time on the internet looking for new solutions to only be frustrated at the end of the day and still, empty handed. We would love to hear from you on what has worked in your caregiving days, or what you are looking for so please feel free to write to us. 

We would surely love to have you join us at one of the retreats. If you are unable to, whatever you do, however you can, I encourage you to find a bit of comfort to nourish yourself. 



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