Why Pausing is Good for Your Emotions

My Yogi tea bag today says, “The gate to happiness is self-compassion”. Amid so much negative energy happening in our world, finding balance seems to be getting more complicated. Add all of that energy along with your role as a caregiver, or former caregiver; it may well be one of the most challenging times to get through your days. 

As I speak to my neighbors, family, and friends and those of you that have reached out, grief is forefront. Whether we acknowledge that or not is a different issue, but it is an emotion that lays roots and can snap at any moment, it has the power to knock you off your feet.


It is of utmost importance to give yourself the time and space to become aware of what’s happening with your emotions and not shut yourself down. Your feelings are valid, and it is essential to acknowledge them. Shutting down is the worst thing that you can do. 

Find time to sit quietly with yourself (yep, even if it’s just a few minutes brushing your teeth) and let your the feelings come up and then:

  • Journal about your feelings – writing them down releases some of the energy and lets you reassess and think about possibilities to change the situation or emotion 

  • Get outside for fresh air – it can be just enough to shift your energy

  • Reach out and talk to a professional 

  • Join a support group

It’s easy to focus on or remember the bad times. They tend to follow us through our life. Think about the moment you heard the bad news about your loved one or saw their health begin to decline. It felt like lightning struck. I can still clearly hear my Mom in a craft store yelling out, “Honey?” and the tone lent itself to knowing something had shifted. Seeing her fall the last time, knowing what would happen next, still brings me to tears. 

All of us can so easily replay the past. All of us can step into the negative emotions that surround us today. We’re human. Finding a way around is ok. Finding a way through is healing to yourself, to your loved ones, and the world. 

Find a way to peace. 



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