Preparing for Days Ahead


Remember when your days were simple? Would it be the Monopoly game or Twister that would get pulled out of the closet? Perhaps going outside to jump rope or hula-hoop? Ah, for the opportunity to have those simple moments back before it became time to decide whether to call 911 for your Mom. I remember all of those decisions well. 

We cannot recreate our past; we can’t step back in time. But we do have the power to create peace in our present. Is there something that you can change in your current life, the way you are doing things, creating solutions rather than remising that you’ve forgotten something or have done something ‘wrong’ again? 

Taking time to write things down that aren’t working can be powerful. By getting them out of your head and on to a sheet of paper, allows you to find solutions so that you can elevate the seasons of regrets. It is also important to write down situations that may happen with your loved one and possible solutions. 

For instance; if your loved one is getting more dependent on you for day to day living, is it time to bring in respite care from friends or family? From professionals? Or perhaps does moving your loved one into a care facility make the most sense down the line? Now is the time to start investigating the options for different scenarios, not in the 13th hour when you’re under pressure. Knowledge is power, and planning can avoid last-minute rushed decisions that can be the wrong ones. 

Consider the following:

  • Home modifications; what can be done to the living space that could help keep your loved one at home? This can be as simple as removing throw rugs to having grab bars installed in the shower. 

  • Household maintenance; are there gardeners or housekeepers that would be beneficial?

  • Grocery or Food Delivery Services; who are the providers in your area that would work best/have the items that your loved one enjoys or can eat?

  • Pharmacy delivery; are there services available locally? 

Having some idea of possibilities and the costs associated with them can make it smoother when the time comes that you need them. Perhaps even now, it could take a bit of the load off your plate. 



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