Essential Tools for Freedom

Our minds are very complex; it is easy to lose track of where we are focusing. Perhaps you’re determining the next steps with your loved ones while simultaneously thinking about your grocery list. Jumping over to solving the mystery of how in the world you tore a muscle in your shoulder while planning out your meeting next week and gosh don’t forget to pick up the dry cleaning.

Sound familiar? So many of us can get caught up in the mind trap, having the tools to pull you out and refocus is priceless because what you focus on tends to multiply, and it works behind the scenes. Our minds and bodies have the powerful ability to support or destroy the other, and it’s understandable how in the life of family caregiving to lose track of the synergy. And how our bodies often fall victim to it.


You may not be able to ‘fix’ everything in your life, but you do have the power to give yourself tools to help smooth the ride a bit.

A friend who has a very detailed mind, like an engineer, was speaking to me the other day about the power of being in nature and how soothing it is to be near the water, or out among trees, being and paying attention to something bigger than yourself. It was refreshing to hear from him, and perhaps, I thought, precisely what I needed to hear at that moment.

I know the power of mindfulness very well. I also know that in my days as a family caregiver how often I didn’t practice it, and the toll was pricey. How to this day I can get caught up in the ‘mind-chatter.’ The results typically aren’t positive, so finding a way to clear the path is essential.

I encourage you to get out into something bigger than yourself; nature is a powerful force and can create a more soothing and peaceful state of mind. It can be as simple as walking out into your back yard, listening to the birds, taking in deep breaths, and allowing yourself to just….STOP.

Even the most peaceful moments like being at the shore come and go, but we all have the power to return to nature in some way, back to something that gives us the little sparkle within. Simple acts can make a big difference. What will you do today? Find what makes your heart smile, and bring it into your life as often as you can. Every little moment of peace is powerful.




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