Improve Your Health With Strength Training

We know that planning for the future can take a back seat when it comes to your full days of caregiving. Understandably the need to tend to the daily tasks of what is right in front of you is often a priority but planning for the future is still essential.


We’ve recently teamed up with the Law Offices of Janis Carney because of her ability to help people put a life plan into place. Planning for the here and now, as well as later in life, is crucial. Estate planning can be a puzzle, but putting your needs into the hands of a well versed, reputable attorney can make all of the difference for you. 

 We also love the overall life planning that Janis shares through her blogs. They feature anything from the benefit of a Keto diet to this recent blog about the importance of physical exercise. In the latest blog post on her website; IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH WITH STRENGTH TRAINING, the benefits of strengthening your body are explored. 

We agree and encourage you to get out and get some physical activity to improve your overall health, mind and emotions. One of the reasons we offer our walks here in the Bay Area of California is because we know first hand the importance of connections and getting yourself out and moving. 

We hope you’ll join us for one of the upcoming walks and if you’re not in the area please get in touch to see how we might be able to offer one closer to you. Our affiliate partners join us in hosting these valuable hour-long connections to help support you as you go through your caregiving days. Connections and movement will give you a breath of fresh air. 

Please get out, get moving. Join us in a movement of caring for your mind and body and take the opportunity to explore the outstanding services that Janis Carney and her team offer.

Don’t forget to B-R-E-A-T-H-E,


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