Lost and Found

I overheard this line while watching a movie this past weekend; ‘Hope begins when you’re standing in the dark looking out at the light.’ It caught my attention as I had been with people experiencing family caregiving for the first time a few weeks ago that were unsure of how to navigate the waters. They were beginning to lose hope that a resolution could be found in caring for their Mother. 

We are all custom to finding ourselves in situations where we don’t know the right steps to take or surely not how the outcome will be, and it can be very scary and overwhelming. When those decisions as family caregivers start to pile up, overwhelm can happen and often we find ourselves losing hope. It is in those darkest hours that if we start to open up to new possibilities we begin to feel hope again. 

This article has wonderful ideas for you to regain hope and continue your family caregiving journey. 

Live, Give, Love, and Learn: 10 Places to Find Hope

One of the lines that stood out to me was this; 

“Share your deepest desires and let the people that love you help you on your journey. We are all in this together. It will be hard to ask for help but do it anyway. They need to help you as much as you need their help.”

Breathing Spaces has both daily inspirations on Facebook as well as the option to join in our Closed Facebook Group. The closed group is a great way to reach out and ask for help in a safe environment. 

As I continue to say, B-R-E-A-T-H-E……taking time to do so gives you the time to re-center and then you can find ways of restoring balance to your life. And remember… ‘Hope begins when you’re standing in the dark looking out at the light.’

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