Embracing Change, Loss, and Time Gone By

Blog Art - June 27

I am in the midst of moving (quite a task, I must say) and I’ve been struck by just how quickly time passes. Packing up my belongings has brought forth memories that stir my heart, some from the beginning days of Breathing Spaces. I’ve been handling cherished keepsakes that remind me of moments and loved ones, gazing at old photographs that evoke sweet memories, and pondering over moments that have slipped away.

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Rhyming Memories

Blog Art - Rhyming Memories

1973 I am three years old and can’t even read yet, but my grandmother can. She is sitting with me on the black, floral, sectional couch in her living room, holding a green book that hasn’t had a dust cover since my mother was young. It’s a grown-up book – no pictures, just words –

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Echoes of Time: Embracing and Honoring our Past

ART - Echoes of Memories

Like me, I am sure many of you have similar memories that stay with you forever. What you do with those memories is of utmost importance. One of our colleagues at Breathing Spaces, Cindy Gum, has been a tremendous woman to converse with. Cindy’s way of guiding participants through writing and self-reflection creates an opening for better self–care and compassionate conversations with yourself. These opportunities are open to anyone – not just caregivers- as we all care for ourselves.

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