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Kinship Caregiving:
When Grandparents are Primary Caregivers

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When people hear the term “family caregiver,” they typically associate it with an adult son or daughter caring for their ailing or elderly parent or grandparent, but caregiving also encompasses caring for children (special needs or not), and adults of any age who are not capable of caring for themselves. One special kind of family […]

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Nailing It –
Pedicures, Aging, and Loving Touch

Blog Art - Pedicure

Yesterday was one of our pedicure and mimosa dates, and while Chan (my favorite nail-tech) was giving me the best foot-and-leg massage I’ve ever had, I remembered all the times my grandmother would ask us to rub her feet or help her put polish on her nails. Even after she had transitioned to a care home, she still asked us to bring nail polish, so every few weeks, we did.

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Caregiving and Gratitude

Heart on leaves

As the holidays near, I can’t help but think of the relatives who won’t be with us as we celebrate Thanksgiving next week, and the other holidays that follow soon after: Hanukkah (we’re a multicultural family), Christmas, the New Year. But while my surface thoughts are about the individual people, I find that a deeper dive leads to what I learned from them, and what they taught me about gratitude.

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Telling Stories

We Are All Made of Stories

Some of the best stories I’ve heard came from my grandparents. Sometimes these were made-up tales – bits of fiction to entertain small children – but other times they were gifts of memories, personal or family histories, things that make us who we are.

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