Cyndi Mariner, Founder

Cyndi Mariner, Founder

Cyndi's Story

As a former family caregiver, Cyndi understands the roller coaster of emotions that people go through.

She was living with and caring for her Mom who had arthritis and been through two rehab stays after bouts of pneumonia as well as her brother, who suffered from heart problems. She was an overwhelmed, stressed out family caregiver who was not taking care of herself. She joined a walking program for family caregivers through local health organizations and began to realize she was not alone on her journey. 

Ultimately taking over the program herself, Cyndi began to clearly understand the needs of family caregivers and developed programs to help a growing population in need of support. She founded Breathing Spaces to create an even more diversified network helping others going through similar circumstances. 

Care Plans Designed to Help Make Decisions Easier 

As a family caregiver, we know from first hand experience that making decisions for your loved one can be frustrating. But where do you go for help? 

CareXC provides plans customized just for you where you can make plans for the future. In these plans you will find the advice, help and resources you need, saving you time and worry in challenging times. 

These care plans were collected from experts and family caregivers like us, and they provide options for different health situations, chronic conditions, or even daily living for yourself and your loved ones.

Breathing Spaces Online Private Family Caregiver Support Group

Breathing Spaces Family Caregivers Support Group on Facebook is a private group set up for you to connect with other family caregivers regardless of who you are caring for or your/their location. This group is not visible to anyone else and people can join only with an invitation. This allows discussions to happen with others to give you support whether it is emotional or need for resources. It is our hope this gives you an additional way to B-R-E-A-T-H-E and know you are not alone on your journey. 


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