Movement, Nutrition and Mindfulness

Breathing Spaces’ goal is to support family caregivers by honoring the essential link between movement, nutrition and mindfulness. We offer a variety of custom-tailored programs that teach self-care skills to caregivers so that they can take the best care of their loved ones. The programs are designed and supported by a previous caregiver, Cyndi Mariner, someone who has experienced a caregiver journey.

Started as a walk program for caregivers in 2016, Breathing Spaces has evolved into it’s current robust offering of self-care programs. However, it’s initial premise hasn’t changed - the crucial link between movement and emotional support  - instead, it has evolved to include additional self-care offerings.


The benefits of fresh air and connection with other caregivers cannot be understated.  Our walking programs support caregivers by linking movement (the walks) with connection (emotional and social support). The walks are offered through our Partner Organizations in a variety of locations and days of the week to fit your schedule. Various movement programs are also introduced through a variety of practitioners at our seminars including strength training, yoga and tai chi. 


We partner with a variety of practitioners including nutritionists to offer seminars focused on healthier eating options and concrete steps to make better eating choices viable for both the caregivers and their family members. Meal planning options, nutritional guidelines and innovative recipes are also explored.  


Our mindfulness program aims to support caregivers in the development of self-care practices. This program offered through our seminars, offers mindfulness techniques to explore letting go of anxieties, calming yourself or finding “your” energy. Practices may also involve techniques varying from organizational techniques, exploring art therapy and the use of Young Living Oils that offer various emotional and physical support all with ways to implement the practices into the daily lives of the family caregiver.